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Top 10 Tricks to Get a Bikini Body
Here are some quick, cheap tips on how to get sexy results in time for the beach

Eat Your Way to Being a Summer Goddess
Ditch the fancy sprays and quick-fixes – all you need for beach-beautiful skin is a healthy appetite

Have a Holiday Fling!
If you’re footloose and fancy-free but want the confidence boost of a holiday romance, follow these simple tips

How to Meet a Guy in 10 Days
Just how can a woman meet the right man? With a 10-day challenge, we try everything, from dating websites to parties and a trip to Milan

Relationships' Red Button Areas
Saying the wrong thing at the wrong time can be potentially lethal for your relationship. If men and women are from different planets, how can we ensure damage limitation?

Say Goodbye to Bad Moods
You don’t have to be down in the dumps – we have some advice on how to wave goodbye to bad moods

Seven Men You Should Never Date
These serial offenders are always best avoided…

Get Fit for Free
Want to lose weight but can’t afford the gym membership, a personal trainer or that pricey exercise equipment. We find out the best ways to fight the flab for nothing…













Hard-Working Foods
Forget Botox – we head to the supermarket to stock up on fab foods for stunning skin

Get Fit the Sneaky Way
Try out these easier ways to a fitter you – here are sneaky methods to tone, build muscle and burn excess fat

Foods of the Sea
If you want to live to a healthy old age, eat seafoods – don’t worry that they’re oily, because they are packed with goodness

How Fats Can Make You Thin
Fatty acids can actually make you thin – so you can incorporate them into your healthy eating regime

How to Revamp Your Health
Feeling frazzled and worn out? It’s time to go back to basics to revive yourself

Nature's Pharmacy
We discover how certain foods benefit specific body parts

Staying Healthy Is so Berry Easy
Small fruits pack a big punch when it comes to head-to-toe wellbeing

The Weekday Diet!
Diets can be very depressing, but there is a way of being naughty ocasionally and still managing to look nice – the seven-day diet that allows you to pig out at weekends

You Are What You Eat
Five hundred years ago, a humble German shoemaker dreamed up a crazy health plan based on what some foods looked like. Time has proved him right...











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